Zen Macrobiotics for Americans by Roger Mason

The first and only practical book to make eating well fun and delicious. Find out how to cure cancer and other incurable diseases; the best foods to eat; foods to avoid; the right natural supplements to take; natural hormone balance; life extension made easy; fasting as the most powerful healer and how to meditate.

This book expands upon the traditional Japanese macrobiotic diet to become a practical guide for Americans. It offers a diet that is more fun, tastier, more creative, less restrictive and still effective. Offers foods selections that are readily available in our markets and reworked percentages of food groups allowed. It should be the new "Bible" for health conscious natural foods devotees.


About the Author

Roger Mason is a nationally known research chemist, who studies life extension and natural health. He develops unique natural supplements and products. Roger is heard on 1400 radio stations every week as well as national TV advocating natural cures for illness. He is an author and lecturer and lives in Wilmington, NC with his wife, Ivy.

Zen Macrobiotics for Americans by Roger Mason
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