Mitoku Hatcho Miso

For over 400 years, Hatcho Miso Company has been making the most famous and revered miso in all Japan.The basic method used at Hatcho Miso Company has changed little over the centuries. First, whole organic soybeans are cooked, inoculated with a culture, and incubated for 72 hours. The soybean "koji" that emerges from the incubation room loaded with digestive enzymes is mixed with sea salt and water and transferred to huge cedar casks. The miso mixture is covered with a wooden pressing lid and a 6,000 pound pyramid of stones.This tremendous pressure enables Hatcho Miso to be made with considerably less salt than other long-aged misos. Over 24-30 months, the enzymes supplied by the koji slowly transform the mixture into a dark, rich, easily digestible staple food. Organic Hatcho Miso is packaged, unpasteurized, at it's peak of flavor.

Ingredients - Organic whole soybean koji (cultured organic soybeans), water, sea salt, and a trace of toasted barley flour

Unpastuerized. Keep cool or refrigerate.

Size: 16 oz.

Mitoku Hatcho Miso
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